Oikik - Cloud Antispam Service

Oikik is a cloud-based email filtering service that works with your existing email service, be it exchange, cpanel, office365 or gmail.
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Top-notch Anti-Spam System

Our system reduces spam, viruses and malware infested mails to keep your organization safe from malicious email.

Get Started Instantly

Oikik activates the moment you register your domain. No need to wait for a SysAdmin to intervene.

Always Available

We try to ensure a 100% uptime, because we know that every single mail is important to you.


Have full control over your domains and whitelist through the REST API we provide.

Manage your Domains

Use the Oikik web app to Manage your domains and whitelists while also keeping an eye on the mail logs.

Spam mails are history

No worries about having your inbox flooded with spam mail. Our system will handle the spam for you, and also provide a daily report of rejected mails just in case.

why choose us

A reliable, Fast and Efficient Antispam Service

Unlimited Mailboxes

No limit on the number of mailboxes. We don't charge by the number of recipient addresses you add.


Whitelisting system for trusted addressses, so mail from your trusted contacts will never get marked as spam.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide first-rate customer support! We are always ready to provide support on any issue related to the system.