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Oikik is built with the motto of keeping your inbox free of spam

Extensive Feature Set

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Multi Level Filtering

For the best possible spam classification

First Rate Security

You can rest assured that your email is secure

Extensive Feature Set

The features that will convince you to stay with Oikik


Whitelisting system for trusted addressses, so mail from your trusted contacts will never get marked as spam.

Unlimited Mailboxes

No limit on the number of mailboxes. We don't charge by the number of recipient addresses you add.

Web App

Use the Oikik web app to Manage your domains and whitelists while also keeping an eye on the mail logs.

Multiple Mail Exchange servers

We provide multiple mail exchange servers with 99% uptime to ensure that you never miss any email.

Multi Level filtering

Incoming emails pass through multiple layers prior to showing up in your inbox or spam quarantine.

The oikik hosted antispam system is divided into multiple filtering layer that a message passes through prior to being delivered to your inbox. If a message successfully passes through every stage of filters, it gets placed into a delivery queue, and is sent along to your mail server immediately.

Each filter stage assigns a score to the incoming message, and based upon the user's filter sensitivity (set in the control panel at the individual or domain level), the cumulative score of the message determines the action that the system takes for that message.

After the total score is calculated, emails are placed into three possible categories : 'clean email' - emails which are clean of malware and spam, 'possible spam' - emails which are clean of malware but still might be spammy, 'definitely spam' - blatant malicious spam.


The edge firewall servers accept emails and performs initial validation, reputation check, SPF and DKIM validation, blacklist check and recipient validation. Messages from senders with good reputation are accepted immediately and placed into delivery queue but messages from senders with very poor reputation are either rejected or tagged as possible spam.

The core filtering servers process the primary message queue, and apply bayesian machine learning, content filtering, URIBL queries, and more. After a message is processed in the core, we determine the next action for that message based upon the user's preferences. Clean messages move to the delivery system, while spam messages are added to the user's quarantine.

Every message that passes through the Oikik system gets added to a learning queue, which processes and adds to the bayesian network. Once the message is learned as either clean or spam, the contents of the message are discarded, so there is no record of any clean message content inside Oikik.

Oikik captures a large amount of log data about a message, without saving the contents of the message, and you can see this log data on the dashboard. The visibility into your mail logs can help you debug issues with your own mail server and see exactly what happened to each message that came into Oikik.

First Rate Security

Oikik ensures a safe passage for the transportation of your email.

Oikik provides opportunistic TLS encryption for all incoming and delivered messages, and only allows TLS/SSL access to the client dashboard. We don't keep any copies of clean messages that have been delivered to your domain. When you use Oikik, you can rest assured that your email is secure.